White Memorial Church
White Memorial Church
of Seventh-day Adventists
of Seventh-day Adventists


    • Supervise custodial help (tuition-aid recipients), as well as, assisting them with the cleaning of all church buildings to ensure that every area, sanctuary, Sabbath School Rooms, Fellowship Hall, Bathrooms, etc. have been cleaned and remain clean prior to the Sabbath hours.  Make a final Friday morning inspection.     
    • Maintain the security of church buildings to include a 10 p.m.nightly check to ensure all areas are secure. 
    • Make all necessary repairs to bathrooms, sprinkler systems and other systems. Use contractor only when unable to make repair in-house.  Any unbudgeted item should be brought to the attention of the Church Board for approval.
    • Purchase and maintain adequate cleaning supplies.
    • Procure rug-cleaning services as needed.  
    • Participate with others (deacons) in moving the platform furnishings for special services. 
    • Return church buildings to their original state of cleanliness following weddings, funerals and other special events. 
    • Support decisions made by the Church Board with regard to any changes made to the church.  Be a team player.
    • Recommend improvements or changes to facilities and custodial practices, as necessary, to the Church Board.


    • Solicit bids from contractors and vendors as requested by the Church Board.  Obtain at least three bids per project to ensure we have the best offer. 
    • Meet with contractors and vendors to discuss bids, etc.
    • Present bids to Church Board with a recommendation for contract award.
    • Obtain approval from Church board before contract is signed
    • Maintain cognizance over the ongoing activities of contractors to ensure that the terms of the contracts are being met according to the written specifications. 
    • Inspect completed work of contractor with two other members of the Church Board to ensure compliance with the requirements of the contract.
    • Enforce every safety precaution for everyone working on the church premises.


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