SAT 8AM 11AM & 2PM
SAT 8AM 11AM & 2PM

Associate Pastor


No. 1 Attendance.  It is extremely important to focus our ministry upon one of the most basic elements of church life.

We cannot see the hearts, we cannot see the motives, but we can see if one person is faithfully attending church.  The gospel commission and many other parables of Christ speaker also inviting people to church.  God is interested in a full house.  God is so interested in numbers that he named one of his books numbers.  The work we do during the weekend is only preparation for the Sabbath.  During the weekend we will call people on the telephones because we wanted to attend.  During the weekend we were visited people because we are interested in their church attendance.  Attendance is the name of the ministry.  Every day he 140,000 people die, we must reach out to them because Jesus is coming soon.


No. 2 baptisms.  The great gospel commission mandates to baptize people in the name of a father the son and the holy spirit.  Before we baptize we need to encourage church attendance.  Nothing will demonstrate more readiness for baptisms then faithful attendance to the church.  The church is an agent for salvation.  The Lord added people to the church.  Baptist and is as simple of the deaths and burial of Jesus Christ.


No. 3.  Contributions.  Stewardship is a sign off spiritual maturity.  God loves a church that gives.

We will make every effort to keep every branch connected to the vine.  We will do what ever it takes to keep people connected to Jesus Christ.  We will pray for every member, we will pray for every program, we will pray for every Sabbath service.  Increased in giving is a fruit on a happy church.  It is also unimportant element to in justifying our existence.


No. 4. The Sabbath.  From 9 AM to 9 PM it is primetime.  Nothing during the weekend takes its place. Nothing during the year takes its pre-eminent.  Every hour is important, especially the 11 o'clock our.  We cannot overemphasize this point.  What makes this successful?  How do we know if the Sabbath was a blessed to Sabbath?  Answer: if the above number one to ten three were strong.  When the attendance is good that preaching is good, when the baptisms are great event teachers are great, when the contributions are large we can pay the rent and maybe, dream to half past or No. 3.  Here is a tentative Sabbath schedule:

9 AM: prayer is the best preparation for preaching. 

9:30 AM: children and youth divisions walk.  Please make sure that every teacher is welcome.

10 AM: teach the baptismal Sabbath school class.  Five is a success.  Ten is a grand slam.

11 AM: help with congregational singing led by the praise team. Children's story would welcome you.

11:30 AM: preached in the Chinese in Chinese computer generated characters.  Once on month

11:30 AM: preaching in English once a month

12:30 AM: potluck fashion fellowship

2 PM: convalescent hospital visitation.  Presence. Every second Sabbath of a month: leader: Frank

2 PM: immediate neighborhood visitation: presence.  Every third Sabbath of a month: leader: Mary

2 PM: inactive member visitation by zip codes or cities: if the first Sabbath of a month: leader: Pastor Brett

2 PM: UPS ministries: every fourth Sabbath of a month: pastor ben

4:00 PM: Sabbath rest of the body

6:00 PM: AY meeting.  Presence. 

8:00 PM: church social.  Presence.  The time will change according to Sunset changes.


No. 5.  The day off. ____________________________ will be pastor Brett's day off


No. 6.  Office hours. The purpose of this requirement is to make yourself available and to prepare for the sermon/Sabbath school class.  We are negotiable.

Tuesday's: 8:00 to 12:00

Wednesday's: 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Thursday's: 8:00 to 12:00

Fridays: 9:30 AM: staff meeting.  1:00 PM to 5:00 PM


No. 7.  Presence.

Thursday night: 6:00 to 8:30 PM (required)

Wednesday night: 7:00 PM (optional)

Monday night: board meetings: 7:30 PM second Monday of every month (required: present report)

Friday night: praise team practice and to/or choir


No. 8  Refuse to accept or receive gossip.


No.9 Relationship with Head Elder


No. 10 Communication


cellular phone

phone messages

the electronic mail

associate Pastor is responsible for picking up the phone during the allocated office hours.  Print messages.


*the above the schedule and the job description is for 30 hours.  Approximately.  The remaining 10 hours are open for the following: hospital visits, funerals, house-calls, outings, and a date with your wife.  Keeping your wife happy in this church is part of your job description.  Your day off a sacred.  For writing your calendar uses a specific name for your day off.  Like: Mondays: Disneyland.


Note: your official title will be: minister of nurture and pastoral care.