Duties of the Greeter:


1. Contact With Newcomers. When you notice unknown guests, introduce yourself first, extend a welcome, and then ask for the visitors' names. While the visitors write in your guest book or complete registration cards, call over an usher or deacon. Introduce the visitors to this person who will show them to a seat or help them in finding Sabbath School classes, or the parents room, etc. It is especially important that you make a record of each visitor and turn this over to the pastor or interest coordinator. This is an important source of new members when properly followed up.


2. Take an Interest in People. The congregation depends on the greeters to make their church personal. If you really care about people, they will be able to see it. Some are shy and will want you to preserve their dignity by not being too forward. Others are gregarious and want to be asked questions. Try to sense needs such as those who are confused about the location of children's activities or need access to a rest room, etc. Be as helpful as you can.


3. Invitations to Dinner. Your local church should have a plan to make sure that visitors are either invited to lunch at someone's home or to a church fellowship dinner. Larger churches organize groups to host dinner every Sabbath. Small churches will have potlucks usually once a month.


4. Listen for Deeper Needs. People come to church burdened with hurts, disappointments and personal crises. As you have opportunity, steer hurting people to those in the church family to whom they can turn for help-the pastor, professional or peer counselors, teachers, physicians, social workers, Adventist Community Services leaders, and others. Use your knowledge to meet people at their points of need.


5. Distribute Materials. Your task as a greeter has more to do with relationships than mechanical aspects like handing out the church bulletin. At the same time bulletins are also important! Many churches have a special handout or packet for visitors also. This often includes a map of the Sabbath School rooms, some history and a list of week-day activities like bible study groups, Pathfinder Club, health classes, the Adventist Community Services Center, family life workshops and Bible seminars. If your church does not have something like this, perhaps the greeters should meet to prepare one.