Communication Director



The ministry to which a person is called when he or she becomes a communication specialist for a local church can best be described as follows:


1. A Spokesperson to the Media. This includes reporting church activities to the press, radio and television through both news releases and public service announcements, arranging for radio and TV interviews, writing letters to the editor on matters of church concern, discovering and developing possible feature stories, arranging for photo coverage of congregational activities, and serving as a source of information about the church for the communication media and for church members. The communication specialist will watch for opportunities to participate in matters of current community concern, and seek to become personally acquainted with newspaper editors, broadcast program directors, community relations professionals. This will include encouraging good station relations by suggesting that members express appreciation for Adventist programs being carried by the local media.


2. Public Relations. The communication specialist will insure that the church is identified by an exterior sign appropriate to the building's architecture, and check the church's appearance regularly for problems needing attention. He or she will arrange the identification of the church through listings in local telephone directories, Tourist publications, highway signs, and at motels and hotels, and leading in planning of exhibits at fairs or other events and representation in parades. He or she should suggest to suitable church members that they join local clubs.


3. Church Newsletter. The communication specialist will prepare a church newsletter or work with someone to do so. This is a powerful tool to keep the church family informed of information , people and activities. If the newsletter is a publication which can go to prospective and former members also, it becomes a vital evangelistic agency.


4. Advertising and Promotion. One of the most important responsibilities of the communication specialist is to work with the church evangelism or outreach council, health education committee, family ministry committee, and Adventist Community Services Center to promote attendance at programs. This means he or she will consult regularly with the pastor and departmental leaders of the church about events and activities which they are planning. This includes assisting them with the creation of brochures, posters, direct mail, broadcast spots, and other promotional materials. Professionally prepared advertising resources are available for many programs. At times the services of a public relations professional or advertising agency may be retained.