Children's Sabbath School Teacher



The teacher in a children's division of the Sabbath School has the following duties:


1. To the Children: Learns to know the children by name, discovering the interests and family circumstances of each. Relates to the children in a loving, accepting manner, regardless of their race, color, language, gender, age, or educational experience. Encourages children to ask questions and seek answers.


2. To Personal Development: Maintains a consistent prayer life and seeks to grow spiritually; knows Jesus as personal Savior and is willing and able to talk about what God has done for him/her. Studies the children's lesson and the teachers' lesson helps so as to be able to lead the class in a discussion of their lesson. Seeks new ways to involve children in learning.


3. To the Leader: Adapts to the leadership style of the Sabbath School leader. Arranges a teaching schedule with the leader, allowing for Sabbaths off; calls the leader when emergencies cause a change of plans, so a substitute can be found.


4. To the Class: Arrives on time and sits with the class during the program; leads the class in discussion of the lesson so as to relate Bible truth to everyday situations. Commits to regular attendance so that the class learns to depend on their teacher. Recognizes and greets children by name outside of class. Encourages children to grow in grace and in the knowledge of God through daily Bible study. At the conclusion of Sabbath School, evaluates whether or not learning took place.


5. To God: Models God's grace in relationships within the class, seeking to love and accept each child at all times. Encourages the children to express their love for God in words, prayer, and faithfulness in daily situations.